More Rabbit Facts

Rabbit meat has 795 calories per lb, Chicken 810, Veal 840, Turkey 1190, Lamb 1420, Beef 1440, Pork 2050 (USDA circular# 549)

Rabbits are raised up off the ground and is one of the cleanest meat than can be raised in the backyard

Rabbits are among the most productive of all domestic livestock

Rabbit meat is great for people with special diets, such as those for heart disease patients, diets for the eldery, low sodium diets, and weight reduction diets.

It was decreed by law in the Roman Empire that all young maidens be fed rabbit meat because it would make them more beautiful and more willing.

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Rabbit Facts 2

1- Rabbits will produce 6 pounds of meat on the same feed and water as a cow. But the cow will only produce 1 pound of meat on the same amount of feed and water.

2- Baby rabbits feed of mothers milk so rich that they can double their weight in 6  days as compared to a pig at 14 days, calves 47 days, and humans 160 days

3- As the worlds human population grows there will be less land and water to raise food. The rabbit will play a more increasing role in this supply. Rabbits can and do grow well on food items that do not compete with food items grown for human feed and also fed wasted food products

4- Domestic rabbit is all white meat

5 -The first recorded rabbitry was in the early Roman times, Where rabbits were kept in walled rabbit gardens for food, This saved waste over bigger animals because the rabbit was all eaten (no leftovers) and taken as needed, there was no need for salting , or other methods for storing the meat.

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Rabbit Facts 1

Here are some rabbit facts!

1- Cholesterol level in rabbit meat is much lower than chicken,turkey,beef,and pork(Alabama A&M University 1989)

2- Rabbit is lower in % of fat than chicken,turkey,beef,and pork (usda circular#549)

3- rabbit is the highest in protein % (usda circular #549)

4- the office of home economics,state relations of the U S dept of agriculture has made extensive test and have stated that domestic rabbit meat is the most nutritious meat know to man

5- a doe rabbit that weighs 10 lbs can produce 320 lbs of meat in a year!!WOW!!.this is more than a cow and it takes 2 acres of land to feed a cow

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Welcome to growing meat rabbits

Welcome to growing meat rabbits any questions?  Please post some questions and ideas in the comment section. I have been raising rabbits for 30 + years have a rabbitry with a few different breeds.  I am always working on something to help the rabbitry be more sustainable. Will be posting some information and work in progress in the rabbitry.

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